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About Server Status Checker

About Server Status Checker Tool Offered By our Service

Our extremely superlative software lets you uncover whether or not the standing of a specific website is offline or on-line. All you have to do is to enter the title of area or sub-domain, with the intention to test the standing of your web site. Users are allowed to enter as much as 100 URLs at a time, all in segregated traces. Our software is accessible totally free utilization on our web site, to your ease.

Our software performs an important half in checking numerous points pertinent to your web site because it checks the server standing. Put as much as 100 websites within the obtainable textual content field, and it'll show HTTP standing code and standing for each single web site. Each server standing code contains a particular that means. Numerous server statuses with their that means are talked about beneath:

  1. 200: It signifies the standing of your web site is nice and the server is returning web site URL for which you have got requested.
  2. 301: It signifies that the handle of your web site has completely moved to a brand new web site handle and all of the domains and subdomains should be redirected to a brand new location.
  3. 302: It signifies that the server has discovered a brief web site redirection. This web site URL should be utilized once more as it's momentary.
  4. 307: Similar to 302.
  5. 400: It denotes an unhealthy request. It signifies that the server just isn't incapable of understanding web site URL you might be requesting.
  6. 401: Unauthorized entry.
  7. 403: Forbidden it signifies that the server won't show any content material till or until you might be substantiated to entry that content material.
  8. 404: Not discovered. It frustrates us once we get this error message as we do not get a consequence which we're looking for which signifies that the file which you might be discovering for just isn't discovered on an online server.
  9. 410: Similar to 404.
  10. 500: Internal Server Error. This error message frustrates the webmaster, net developer together with the person visiting web site as this error is pertinent to the server and needs to be solved inside a shorter time span.

Our software's URL checker functionality makes it an unimaginable software than any others across the web.

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